Can I bring my dog to the show? Canadian kennel Club events such as these shows are restricted to entered dogs.  Un-entered dogs are not permitted inside the building.
How can I locate breeders of a certain breed of dog? If we have your chosen breed entered, you can purchase a show catalogue at the entrance table for $3.00.  Names of all breeders and owners are listed in this catalogue.
Will my chosen breed be entered only one of the show days? Usually not.  Each day is a separate dog show with each breed being exhibited on each day.
How can I find out more about local dog events? You can visit the Canadian Kennel Club website at "www.ckc.ca" or contact one of the local kennel clubs.
Can I talk to the groomers and handlers and touch their dogs? Exhibitors often spend hours getting their dogs prepared for ring time.  Most exhibitors are willing and eager to discuss their dogs and give advice when time permits.  Never touch a dog without first getting permission from the owner/handler.